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Weekend Warriors and Devoted Exercisers

The Challenge

A leading soft drinks marketer developed a sports beverage with superior hydration and recovery features for all athletes, but needed a strategy to challenge the entrenched (80% share) category leader.

Stakes were very high, in terms of hundreds of millions of dollars of spending on advertising, promotion, and celebrity endorsements.

The Answer

Resonance Insights uncovered 5 new Motivational Segments that completely disrupted conventional thinking for the category. The largest new segment (“Disciples”) provided a sweet spot for targeting that avoided direct competition with the market leader.

The Results

We linked the new segments to an analysis of segment profitability, then worked with the New Product Team to develop new strategies for branding, packaging, messaging, advertising and distributing this new product.
Resonance Motivational Segmentation became a major contributor to profitability and sales growth.