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The Blockbuster Drug that Almost Wasn’t

The Challenge

A high-profile new drug’s sales were below target despite doctors saying they intended to prescribe it widely.
Management was impatient and Wall Street disappointed.

The Answer

Resonance Insights conducted 400 in-depth MD interviews, uncovering Motivational Segments that revealed how passionate some MDs actually were and how to best reach them:

  • Silently angry and defensive about revolutionary advance in therapy and aggressive DTC and detailing (disturbing longstanding habits, upsetting loyal patients, suggesting fallibility)
  • Drug company had missed the upside to target a large segment of MDs motivated by their role in preserving patients’ health and lifestyle.

The Results

Sales rocketed to $600 million within 18 months after new sales targeting & tactics, new positioning & advertising, and retraining outside and insides sales. Successful global launch. Currently selling >$3 billion worldwide in this drug family.