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(In)Active Online Stock Traders

The Challenge

A large financial services firm was investing in online technology and the marketing of its Web tools. Despite the significant investment, their latest direct marketing campaign yielded a 0% (ZERO PERCENT) response.

The Answer

Resonance Insights conducted 1500 in-depth interviews in 2 weeks and identified 3 previously unrecognized Motivational Segments.

  • Traders in these segments were not highly motivated by ways to save money on their stock trades.
  • Each also revealed motivations that were considerably more important than their actual ROI from trading.

The Results

Together with the client we defined segments and chose targets, then developed strategies to win traders in target segments. By linking to our analysis of segment profitability, we insured the segmentation became a major contributor to profitability and sales growth.

This firm enjoyed significantly higher direct response rates, higher share of best customers, higher profitability. And our client was promoted.