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Pasture Passion (What Motivates ‘Gentleman’ Farmers?)

The Challenge

A venerable old farm equipment company sought to rejuvenate its image, introduce more advanced products and recharge sales.

Its brand image was stuck with “my grandfather’s tractor.”

The Answer

After in-depth online interviews with over 500 farmers of all sizes and kinds, Resonance Insights revealed five new motivations, different from the product features and usability. These more potent motivations led to two new Motivational Segments that cut across conventional segments based on horsepower, acreage and crop type. Profitability and size analysis confirmed the enormous opportunity for a venerable brand with roots in generations of farmers.

The Results

After we led Motivational Workshops™ with company staff to explore these new segments, we collaborated on a relaunch of their brand with redesigned products. The new segmentation revitalized company sales growth, attracted farmers as new and repeat customers, and reenergized dealer relations.