Part 5: How We Think Differently

It’s easy to ask people “How do you feel?” What’s harder is figuring out how to let people answer easily and completely. The secret lies in understanding how we think impulsively and emotionally. Here’s wha[...]

Part 4: How We Think Differently

The Crucial Lesson of the Beady Eye In the early 90s, I’d become enraptured about identifying hidden emotions from “unconscious” hand movements (or subconscious or preconscious …) We were using this compl[...]

Part 3: How We Think Differently

Looking in All the Wrong Places In the early 90s, I began to hunt for research tools to identify non-rational thinking and (hopefully) to measure it. What a cornucopia of partially-effective and half-baked method[...]

Part 1: How We Think Differently

We didn’t dream up this innovative approach called Resonance on our own. We based our completely-reinvented survey on the new neuroscience of how emotions and logic interact and help us make decisions. We built [...]

What’s Distinctive About Resonance?

A resonant sound is deep, clear and strong. When you resonate with someone, you can hear them clearly and strongly. You’ve recognized something with special meaning and personal importance. You find yourself almost [...]