The Challenge: PAPCO is a regional distributor of petroleum products. Growth had stalled and profits dropped in the 2012 downturn. They were looking for a way to engineer rapid growth in a highly competitive B2B environment.

Our Findings: Resonating customers and prospects identified exactly where PAPCO was falling short of expectations and of competition. Problems predictably included late deliveries and uncompetitive prices. But customers also revealed unmet needs surrounding suppliers helping them to achieve their own business results. Resonating employees revealed confusion about PAPCO’s direction and future prospects. As a result, they often felt left out and unvalued. Long hours left them lacking confidence and reluctant to try anything new.

Our Strategy: We had PAPCO’s management invite employees into a new conversation about growth and strategies for beating the competition. Together, they built a brand strategy that resonated with employees and consumers. Brainstorming actions gave employees what they craved—inclusion and “skin in the game” for transforming PAPCO.

Employees crafted new positioning, redefined the customer value proposition, and renewed statements of mission, vision and values. Management revamped the company web site and external communications, and launched new programs in hedging, risk management and trading. New quality standards were bolstered by improved technology for the depots and drivers.

The Results: Revenue grew 2x and surpassed $1 billion. The footprint increased from 7 to 18 states, revenue/employee doubled to $10 million and EBITDA increased four-fold. Five years into our relationship, PAPCO was acquired by a Fortune 100 energy company.