Greeting Cards

The Challenge: This long-standing leader in the greeting card industry was losing market share to an upstart that was selling a funny, irreverent, and modern new cards.

Our Findings: We resonated hundreds of greeting card customers, young and old. We discovered that customers are passionate about using cards to connect with others, and for much more than to mark specific occasions or convey thanks or regrets. Younger customers in particular—but also older customers—found their voice in the irreverent tone of the new cards. This allowed them to express themselves and connect deeply with the cards’ recipients.

Our Strategy: Creatives and executives came together for the first time in an off-campus skunkworks to brainstorm ideas to broaden the brand voice. A breakthrough came when leadership noticed the same cynical, witty content that was conspicuously absent from the company designs tacked up on the walls of the creatives’ cubicles.

This voice was integrated into a brand-new “itty-bitty” line of feisty and funny cards, and a cast of edgy characters. Our client was able to offer many more variations to fit different voices, compared to the small upstart company. What started as a tiny division now accounts for a significant margin of company sales.

The Results: Tapping into employee passion was critical to success with this new product line, which represented both a radical departure and a culture change. Bringing upper management together with creatives helped everyone get on board with the change and create compelling content.