• At Resonance Insights, we pride ourselves on being industry-agnostic. Over the past 20 years, we have worked with Fortune 50 companies, small schools, and hundreds of clients/organizations/businesses in between. While our client base may be diverse, our results are not. Our work arms clients with the tools they need to produce lasting change.

  • Perhaps research has disappointed you in the past. (We hear that a lot.) We fuse our vast experience with innovative research techniques to go beyond rote data collection. We garner new insights and create different conversations that catalyze success.

Some of the ways we do this are:

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    Mixed Method Process

    We combine open-ended spontaneous writing with categorical and numerical ratings.

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    Surveys Designed With Participants in Mind

    This allows us optimize UX and let people express what’s often unspoken.

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    Research Conducted Anonymously Online

    Anonymity allows for maximum candor in responses.

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    Open-Ended and Indirect Questions

    Garnering spontaneous and candid responses.

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    Identifying and Dismissing Poor Quality Answers

    Eliminates a nagging problem with ordinary surveys — ensures valid results.

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    All Responses Go Through Our Proprietary Algorithm

    This helps us identify the most important factors driving behaviors.

When we combine our innovative methodology with our teams’ decades of experience, the results are truly transformational.

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    Steve Gang founded Resonance Insights in 1996, after a career in consulting and start-ups. Steve identifies as a ‘serial entrepreneur,’ co-founding one of the first online medical databases (Marot) in the 1970s, several independent film production and distribution ventures (Dark Horse Films, Original Cinema) in the 1980s, and a CRM software and consulting firm (Exchange Partners) in the 1990s prior to Resonance. He holds an AB summa cum laude in Econometrics from Amherst, a JD from Harvard Law and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Baker Scholar. Steve was an early partner of Boston Consulting Group, helping develop the playbook and toolkit for business strategy. At home in Boston with his artist wife Gail, he’s a diehard Red Sox fan, an active conservationist and singer, and helplessly devoted to grandchildren Tobin, Cleo and Adrian.


    “There’s always something to learn — Steve brings the story to life in an intriguing way that makes me want to get involved, know more, start hypothesizing and dig in.”

    “Working with Steve and with the Resonance methodology has me seeing new possibilities in my work.”

    “His enthusiasm for the work is contagious.”

    “Steve presents complex, deep results in a way I can easily understand. I feel smart that I can learn from him so quickly.”

    “Steve is thoughtful, reflective and has a unique vantage point. He will go deep and he will look to uncover angles I hadn’t thought of.”

    “I always walked away a little bit smarter thanks to Steve.”

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    Patrick Creeden (Director of Client Projects) brings over 15 years of Market Research experience to the Resonance Team. He is well-versed in the research lifecycle — from planning, design and implementation to analyzing and transforming data into insights — and is committed to providing Resonance clients with the highest quality results.

    Prior to joining Resonance, Patrick managed large scale consumer tracking studies at Synovate (now Ipsos). He gained exposure to the qualitative side of research through his work in focus group recruitment and facilitation at Focus On Boston. His work as a headhunter for WinterWyman early on in his career helped establish his recruiting and client service skills. He earned his B.S. in Business from Babson College.

    Away from the office, Patrick is still trying to prove he can “hang” on the basketball court, enjoys tropical destinations (while avoiding sun-burns) and is a passionate supporter of shelter pet rescue.

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    Annie Pates (Project Manager) started at Resonance in 2014, moving from an intern to a project manager. She fulfills her passion for social justice by focusing on Resonance’s nonprofit and education projects. Annie has partnered with many local nonprofits through high school and college and enjoys the opportunity to work with new organizations locally and nationally with Resonance.

    Annie studied Economics and International Relations at Boston College. She lives in the North End of Boston with two roommates and the world’s most adored betta fish. Annie enjoys cooking, kayaking, and cheering on the BC Eagles from the corner table at MaryAnn’s.

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